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Support Us

Crime Stoppers of Sarasota relies heavily on private donations and fundraising efforts. NO TAX DOLLARS are used in support of this program. We ask YOU to help us make our community a safer place to live and work. Please consider making a donation to our program now.

Fundraising Goals:

Successful fundraising is key to our programs public awareness campaigns, our advertising and promotional items, Rewards and the operation of our 24/7 call center. We continue to strive to:

Keep the public aware of our program.
Keep the support from the media HIGH.
Implement new programs in conjunction with Law Enforcement.

Show your support for your local Crime Stoppers Program. Here's what we offer you:

  • Bronze Sponsor: For $10 a month ($120 per year) your banner ad will be placed in rotation on our website. Each time a page is viewed a different sponsor's banner will show. You can even have your banner linked to your webpage. This is an excellent, inexpensive way to advertise your business and show support for your community
  • Silver Sponsor: For $15 a month ($180 per year) you will receive (Two) ad placements in our banner rotation. *PLUS, you can also have your Business name, description, location, phone number and Website link, listed on our sponsor’s page (sorted alphabetically). This lets your neighbors know, you support the Crime Stoppers Mission to make our community safer.
  • Gold Sponsor: For $25 a month ($300 per year) you will receive (Three) ad placements in our banner rotation.*PLUS, your Business will be listed near the top of our Sponsors Page - before the alphabetically sorted sponsors. Your Business name will be listed in BOLD, so that it really stands out - you can also include your Business LOGO!

    Platinum Sponsor (only one per year)
  • For $100 per month ($1,200) per year you will enjoy our Platinum Sponsorship benefit of being viewed on each page - on each and every page view. This position draws a lot of attention and shows your strong desire to protect our community! You will also receive (Four) ad placements in our banner rotation *PLUS, your business will be featured as the Top Spot on our sponsors page along with a "Platinum Sponsor" graphic that indicates your Commitment to Crime Stoppers.

Help Support the Crime Stoppers Program
Please become a Sponsor

Email our representative. Let them know what type of sponsor you want to become, and they'll get back to you with all the details on how to proceed. 

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